Titan: Infiltration

A Meat Sack

Meat Sack Mode takes the existing game model you have been playing and turns it on its head, allowing you to experience an entirely new perspective of life within the ECZ!

Featuring in one of the later releases for our Product Roadmap, rather than playing as one of the controlling teams in charge of and directing the units planet side from orbit, you can assume the role of any of the mobile or troop units you have unlocked and become one of those units, receiving orders from an AI controlled command team in orbit who is just as invested in winning the engagement as you were.

The AI provides orders and objectives to all its troop’s planet side, just as you would, but not you are responsible for carrying out the orders issued to your unit, or no - the choice is entirely yours! Playing alongside many thousands of other players in a true MMO style game world, both human and AI controlled, the success of your controlling team rests solely on the decisions you make...

The research level of available units, weapons, and technology available is set when the match starts and players can join any time in a running game and adopt any available unit and configuration that they have already unlocked in the regular single or multiplayer game. You simple assume the persona of the controlling AI of your selected meat sack and direct it as you see fit.

Whats more, as a premium subscriber, in addition to joining default matches configured by the Zentropy Games, you can host your own MMO Meat Sack Mode matches and have full control over the available units, weapons, and technology to units from all team, as well as a range of environmental conditions such as time of day, weather, and aggression levels of AI units.

As with normal games, every building is fully explorable so you can take the action indoors, many of the supporting features are available such as calling for backup, and evacuation and you can form small squads to gain additional support from AI controlled units!