Titan: Infiltration

Here you will (hopefully) find the answers to frequently asked questions others have asked us about this got or the wider Titan Gaming Universe.

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This depends greatly on the success of the funding round. Ideally we will be targeting a fall 2024 release in to early access but will keep fans posted with developments...

Initially we are releasing via Steam to higher end gaming PCs running Microsoft Windows 64-bit with DX11 or later. If there is sufficient support, we would really like to also release on next gen consoles (PS5 Á XBox) some time after the PC release, possibly with cross play support too!

We have not finalised pricing yet as there are still too many factors in play. We are aiming to price appropriately for a large scale indie title. It won't be AAA price but it's also not a budget title either.

Yes, micro transactions are supported but are entirely optional - we are not pay to win, not now, not EVER! They are used for a mix of cosmetic upgrades for those that want them and to fast track the research process by securing the desired level of technology from the in-game black market. This simply saves you time - there is nothing functional that can't be attained by simply playing the game to work for it!

Absolutely not, not under any circumstances, for the avoidance of doubt: NO! There will be no pay wall that requires real world currency to progress beyond a given point, you simply need to play the game the way it's intended to build your economy and expand your research organically...

Yes! There is both single and multiplayer support. Moreover, the two are fully integrated so you can switch from the single player, story driven campaigns to the black ops multiplayer games and back again at will, keeping the same team and level of technology between the two - gains in one can be exploited in the other.

Replayability is very high! Despite being a finite number of maps, the game has a concept of seasons and weather, both of which have a significant impact on the strategies you would employ. A large factor in the gameplay is the topology of each teams Resource Transport Network, both with respect to their own units and those of other teams - small changes in this topology can yield totally different strategies, as can the level of technological research being employed by each team -you are very unlikely to play exactly the same game twice! Once a map has been successfully completed, the resource heat map is unlocked for that island which allows you to create custom games that have resource availability in completely different location which again, fundamentally changes to dynamic of the map

Yes! The primary A.I. is built using a combination of Artificial Neural Networks (strategic) and GOAP / behaviour trees (tactical), and there is considerable tuning available to control the level of strength, aggression and planning employed. GOAP was used to great effect in Alien Isolation - anyone who has played that will understand....

If there is enough interest, we can look at setting up a patreon in advance of the funding round but, in all honesty, the best help we can get right now is spreading the word on all your socials, friends, and family and join our discord to take part in discussions to help shape the development into the best version of itself. Right now, opinions and feedback are key...

Yes! When the time comes, we will be looking for a range of testers on a diverse mix of hardware. This will involve play testing, functional testing, and performance/stress testing. To register your interest and be invited to the private chanel, head over to our discord and drop us a message!